Week Four Genius Hour


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My Genius Hour is about 16 year olds voting. I’ve learned that most people think that 16 year olds should vote. If there is anyone that disagrees it’s a very small amount of people or a very small percent. I have also learned that seven other countires let 16 year olds vote in any big election. I have learned that I keep getting more and more interested in my topic. I’m interested in it because I think that 16 year olds should vote. I think that because they have responcibilites like driving, school, and sometimes work, whats wrong with voting if they want to. I think if they want to vote they should becuase they do have a voice, let it be heard. I also think they should vote becuase it would be there choice, no one could force them to vote for some one if they didn’t want to vote. Last week I told my partner that I wanted to work on it by myself, he understood and joined a differnt group. Sense he has left I have gotten more done on my website, like adding more bullet point, putting my opinion, and I put a picture of a group of people on it. From here I’ll get more work done on my website, like maybe another picture, or more bullet  points. I’ll also have to look up more information about peoples opinions about if 16 year olds should vote or not. Well, that is all for my blog this week, I’ll make sure to post again next week.

Week Three Genius Hour

My topic is voting at the age of 16 years old if you didn’t know. I’ve learned more about my topic. I’ve learned that most people do think 16 year olds should vote. This website I found (http://www.fairvote.org/lower_the_voting_age) said “research shows that 16 and 17-year-olds are as informed and engaged in political issues as older voters are. Also http://www.youthrights.org/issues/voting-age/top-ten-reasons-to-lower-the-voting-age/ said that “Youth have unique perspective, they’ll never have those experiences again. I’ve learned that I think 16 year olds should vote and I’m getting more and more into this topic. Some obstacles I’ve had in the past was that my partner would work and I was spending my time trying to keep him on task in stead of working. This week I finally told him that we couldn’t be partners anymore because it wasn’t far he would get the same grade and that i was wasting my time keeping him on task instead of getting notes. After I had that talk with him I ended up getting six more notes (so I have nine in all) and starting on my website. For my website I got two notes but two is better then nothing. From here I will have to keep researching for my website, work on my website as soon as I get more notes, and start working on this at home when I’m not busy so I can get farther. I’ll also try and look for new websites so I don’t keep getting the same information. I would say this has been a good week for me with this project.

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Week Two Genius Hour


mobile-phone-iphone-music-38295My topic is if 16 year old should vote or not. I personally think that they should be able to vote if they want to vote. I have learned that people are half and half on the voting at 16. One of the websites said it was 78% yes and 28% no, and other website said “lowering the age to 16 will give the vote to people who have roots in their own community”. (http://www.youthrights.org/issues/voting-age/top-ten-reasons-to-lower-the-voting-age)/ If I keep looking I’ll most likely find that more people disapprove then approve. That’s why I put about half and half. I have learned that I do think that 16 year old should vote. I think that because if the 16 year old don’t want to vote they don’t have to and if they do want to vote their opion gets to be heard by others. One problem is that my partner still doesn’t like working, all he does is listen to music and watch the music videos. It’s starting to get on my nerves because I’m doing all the work but we’re still going to get the same grade even though he’s not doing anything. I don’t think it’s fair sense he’s not even trying to help. He hasn’t even took any notes. I’m the only one taking notes for the website and I only have two notes because I’m trying to keep him on task, it’s obviously  not working. From here I’ll either ask him to not have headphones, starting working, or I’ll tell the teacher that he’s not my partner anymore so he’ll get the grade he deserves.

College Visit

Website- http://www.iowalakes.edu/

The college I visited was Iowa Lakes in Emmetsburg. The best part of my college visit was when we went into the restaurant and hotel management. In stead of hearing or talking about the management we had cookies with frosting and fruit. I was surprised they have motorcycles, dirt bikes, cars boats, jet skis, and snowmobile to work on. I might go to that school if I change my mind and want to be a mechanic. Right now I want to be a therapist and they don’t have a program for that there. On the campus they have a couple buildings. In one the of buildings they have tools and engines so you can work on how to fix or work on. In the mechanics program they fix motors, fix wheels, fix leaks, or fix anything that needs to be fixed. If anyone in there program has something wrong with there car they can fix it during schools for free or for a low price sense they’re learning while they fix it. The programs they offer are nursing classes,veterinarian classes, management for hotels and restaurants, and they have a program for mechanics. In the veterinarian program they have a building for farm animals they go and check on. In that program they also go surgery/cut open a rat/mouse to look inside. That’s what the college visit was like for me. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to be a mechanic.

Week One Genius Hour



If you don’t know me and my 8th period Language Arts (Writing) class. My project is going to be about if kids under the age of 12 should vote or not. So far I haven’t learn mush because I just started this project. This topic is important to me because sense I’m 14 I think I should be able to have an opinion about who is going to be the president. I’m an american citizen, I think I should have an opinion and it should be heard. My goal for this project is to have a website with at least one page about people in my grades opinion, what adults think, and facts about this topic. To show what people think I’m going to have graphs. I will reach my goals by working hard, working outside of school, and looking at websites to see if I can more opinions. What I think will be hard about this project is not having very much time to work on it (we get one day a week). Another thing that can be hard is that you get one day to work on it then you stop and can forget what website you were using or not be able to find the website/ information. I will start working on finding websites, opinions other people have, and facts about this subject. I also have to start getting/ asking people about there opinions for my graphs.

Spring Break

Bruce Wicks

Bruce Wicks

In this post I’m going to talk about my spring break. My spring break was from the 19th-27th. During my spring break I went to my hometown, Mason City. I stayed with my grandma and my friend Erika (she lives in Manly, close to Mason) she stayed with me all spring break. We went to Roller City (it’s a place where you go roller skating) Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Except on Tuesday it’s laser tag instead of roller skating. On Wednesday (the day after my birthday) my dad took me and Erika to Des Moines. When we were there we went shopping at the Jordan Creek mall, when we were there I got 4 sweatshirt, a belt, a candle, and a bath bomb. When we were they we also went to skyzone (a place that has a tone of trampolines) and we went to ride go carts at MB2 Raceway Grimes. Lastly we went to see Miracles from Heaven (about a girl with a disorder so she can’t digest/eat food). I also went to a birthday party. It was at the Country Inn and Suites in Mason City. For the birthday party we went swimming all day at the pool they have. I got her Doritos and Reese’s peanut butter cups for a present (she liked it). That’s what I did during my spring break, nothing to exciting.

The Cheese Burger



What my blog is about the cheese burger. If you haven’t noticed most fast food restaurants have cheese burgers or something similar, they might just have different names. You might be thinking about it now, some examples are like McDonalds has the Big Mac, Wendy’s is the Jr. Cheeseburger, and Culvers is the Butter burger. Some sit down restaurants have cheese burgers too, like Applebees, Perkins, and Sonic.

Cheese burgers usually have tomatoes, lettice, the hamburger, cheese, sometimes bacon, the bun, and what ever sauce you like on it. Cheese burgers you can usually get a side with, like usually people get french fries, it all depends on what restaurant your at. When you think about it a lot of things go with cheese burgers, like french fries, fried pickles, monsterella sticks, or onion rings, like I said earlier, it all depends on what restaurant your at.

Usually to make a cheese burger you put it on the grill, or in a pan with spices and the cheese on top (to melt it) when the meat is almost done cooking. Then you get the bun ready. To get it ready you put the lettice, tomatoes, and if bacon (thats your coice if you want it or not). After the meat is done cooking you put it all together on a plate. After all of that you eat.

My vacation to Jamaica

Kenzs photos

Kenzs photos

On the post I’m going to talk my trip to Jamaica. The flight was 6 hours long, imagine being on a plane for that long. We went over the ocean, and if you looked out the window at the right time you could see the ocean go from a dark blue to a light blue. The Blues didn’t even mix.

After we got to Jamaica we had to go through customs. Try going threw a slim room full of people with no air conditioning, while standing there for 1 hour. I was very bad. After we got out of customs we had to take a 2 hour bus ride to out resort, it was bad.

Finally we got to the resort. After we got there we put our bags in out room and went to go find food/ our way around the hotel. We were there we went walking on the beach, jumping waves, and swimming with Dolphins. My mom and I went while my grandparents and great uncle were at the hotel. That was the 1st time I ever went out of the country. It was one of my favorite vacations.

Stay strong!

I’m gonna talk about bullying in this post. All the bullying is getting out of hand. It’s also really easy to bully some one. You can bully some one and not even realize you are. It can be as easy as telling some one that they don’t match everyone else, or telling them they need to style there hair different. Kids can bully adults, like telling a teacher that you don’t like her/his shirt or that you aren’t gonna learn the lesson. Adults also bully people, its not just kids that bully each other, some parents bully their kids. Bullying can be abusing/hitting or it can just be as simple as saying you don’t like what your kids wearing, or that they need new/more friends. In the U.S. there are a lot of kids not going to schools because they get bullied. The kids don’t feel safe going because they know they’ll get made fun of. Bullying can lead to a lot of things, like self harm or even suicide. It’s not there fault that it ended up that way, some people just hold it all inside and that’s how they deal with all of it. All the bullying needs to stop, it’s all getting to out of hand. Some people have to move away because there getting bullied so bad and they don’t know how to deal with it. Some people think that bullying isn’t so bad, well it’s bad, very bad. People bully people because they thinks it gives them power. Well sorry, but it doesn’t. Some of the bullies get abused or somethings wrong in there life. Sometimes the bullies are going through a hard time themselves, like maybe there parents are getting a divorce, or a family member/ friend just died. To some of you out there you need to get help, maybe just some one to talk to. Its not good to hold everything in like that, talking to some one is okay, everyone needs to get it out of there system. I understand that most people go through a hard time in there life, but you don’t need to bring other people down with you just because your going through a hard time.


I’m not that different online then offline. In person I’m quiet and online I’m pretty quiet too.  Online I usually talk to more people but that’s my only difference. I’m more honest online then I am in person.

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